BMW 5 серии Туринг: технические характеристики
BMW 5 серии Туринг
Технические характеристики
Сведения о приведенных данных

Further information about the official fuel consumption and the official specific CO? emissions for new passenger automobiles can be found in the "New Passenger Vehicle Fuel Consumption and CO? Emission Guidelines", which are available free of charge at all sales outlets and from DAT Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH, Hellmuth-Hirth-Str. 1, 73760 Ostfildern, Germany.

The figures without [ ] apply to the base model with the type of transmission specified in the standard equipment. The figures with [ ] apply to the model featuring an optionally available type of transmission (see optional equipment).

All petrol engines meet the EU5 emissions standard. When combined with BluePerformance, the BMW 530d meets the EU6 emissions standard. Fuel consumption is determined in accordance with the ECE driving cycle (93/116/EG) made up of approximately one third urban traffic and two thirds extra-urban driving (based on the distance covered). CO2 emissions are measured in addition to fuel consumption as such. Fuel consumption levels are calculated based on vehicles with standard equipment. Special equipment (e.g. wider tyres) can have a significant impact on fuel consumption levels.

The technical data specified applies to vehicles in the German market. The models illustrated may, in part, include optional equipment and accessories not fitted as standard. According to the specific requirements of other markets, alterations may occur regarding models, standard and optional equipment as described in the text and illustrations. For precise information, please contact your BMW Partner. Subject to change in design and equipment. Subject to error. Equipment specific to national markets is not represented here.

Unladen weight: the figure quoted includes a 90 per cent tank filling, 68 kg for the driver and 7 kg for luggage. Unladen weight applies to vehicles with standard equipment. Optional equipment may increase this figure.

Max. output: BMW recommends the use of super unleaded 95 RON fuel. Unleaded RON 91 fuel or higher with a maximum ethanol limit of 10 percent (E10) are also permitted. The performance and fuel consumption rates listed are based on the use of RON 98 fuel.

Top speed: electronically limited.

Расход топлива
Городской цикл, л/100 км
Загородный цикл, л/100 км
Смешанный цикл, л/100 км
Выброс CO2, г/км
Объем топливного бака (прибл.), л
Технические характеристики
Максимальная скорость, км/ч
Время разгона 0–100 км/ч, с
Масса без груза (ЕС), кг
Допустимая полная масса, кг
Полезная нагрузка, кг
Допустимая нагрузка на оси (передняя/задняя), кг
Количество цилиндров/клапанов на цилиндр
Рабочий объем, куб. см
Ход поршня / диаметр цилиндра, мм
Максимальная мощность, кВт (л. с.) при об/мин
180 (245)/5000
Максимальный крутящий момент, Н•м при об/мин
Степень сжатия: 1
Размер передних шин
225/55 R17 97Y
Размер задних шин
225/55 R17 97Y
Размеры и материал исполнения дисков передних колес
8 J x 17 дюймов, легкосплавные
Размеры и материал исполнения дисков задних колес
8 J x 17 дюймов, легкосплавные
Сведения о приведенных данных

BMW 5 серии Туринг

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